About Me

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I have found such joy, passion and escape through playing music since I was very young. Learning to playing the flute through school, keyboard and guitar to a basic level and singing at all opportunity and later I was drawn towards the drum kit aged 17.   I started to learn the basics of drumming here, but put the kit and other instruments aside for many years shortly after.

My working life consisted of an extensive career from aged 16 to 28 years old in the Sport, Health and Fitness industry.  Graduating during this time with First Class Honours from Bath University and progressing from Coaching children, Lifeguarding and Personal Training to working as a Health and Wellbeing Physiologist in a clinical setting in a private hospital.

Having enjoyed every moment of my previous career, one major thing had been missing from my life and that was the creative arts.  I made the very careful and thought out decision trusting my instinct and drive to move away from this industry and return to my childhood love of music.

Being behind the drum kit for me is a place in which I can build on musical skills, get creative, have fun, stay healthy and happy and build on many positive personality traits such as self-discipline.

Educating others to keep the art of drumming alive is important to me and I spend my time teaching, performing, practice and recording sessions, session work and of course my own continued education and learning.



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