“Patient and encouraging and communication has been both excellent and accommodating.”

“Just two lessons in and Helen has already put me at ease and enabled me to believe that I might not have two left hands after all. As possibly one of her older students she’s been patient and encouraging, and communication has been both excellent and accommodating. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I think I might be able to learn a few with Helen’s help.” Peter H.

“A breath of fresh air”

“His teacher stood out especially. She was a breath of fresh air with lessons in person this year, but thrived all the more on video.  She’s so patient, understanding, kind and encouraging.  She always has a smile and a positivity about her that makes you smile. ” Trent M.

“Helen has a vast amount of musical experience and has always been incredibly skilled and interested in the profession. Helen takes pride in all aspects of her work, ensuring that all of her sessions are fun, educational and keep the learner engaged throughout.  Helen’s passion for music is contagious and individuals who learn from her also develop a love for music. Helen ensures that all lessons are planned thoroughly and to meet the needs of the individual.” Lucy C.

“Wants what is best for you.”

“Helen has a huge passion for drumming, and her enthusiasm knows no bounds. If you were to book her for a lesson, then you wouldn’t just be paying for the time you’re with her. She’ll also spend time working and prepping a personalised lesson plan that suits you because of the amount she cares and wants what is best for you.” Matt H.

“A professional and skilled teacher.”

“Helen is an experienced teacher and session musician whose energy is infectious. Helen is a professional and skilled teacher who is confident teaching all ages.” All Instruments LTD.

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